Lacuna Covers

    Lacuna Covers


    Lacuna Covers

    When the sun sets on the last summer day and you are ready to bundle up for the fall and winter, Lacuna has you covered.

    Lacuna Pool Covers specializes in swimming pool safety covers designed to keep your backyard safe, secure, and stylish during the off-season. Choose from mesh or solid materials, 86% or 98% shade, drains or without drains, and a wide range of colors to accent your unique backyard.

    Lacuna prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Each Lacuna safety cover is comprised of the highest quality materials available, usually reserved only for commercial grade safety covers.

    All safety covers produced by Lacuna Pool Covers meet ASTM International Safety Standard F1346-91.


    Elevate your pool's safety with Lacuna covers from Long Island Pool Covers. Made on Long Island, our custom covers provide 24/7 protection against accidental entrance from loved ones and pets. Choose from various materials and colors to match your style. With Lacuna covers, you don't have to compromise on safety or aesthetics. Contact us now for more information.

    Protect Your Pool

    Keep your pool clean, safe, and ready for enjoyment with minimal effort

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    Types of Covers

    Choose from one of our three different covers

    Regular Mesh 89%

    Filters out 89% of the sun's rays. Keeps leaves and debris out of the pool.


    Hybrid 98%

    Filters out 98% of the sun's rays. Keeps leaves and debris out of the pool and the water will be clear when the pool is open in the spring.


    Solid 100%

    Filters out 100% of the sun's rays. Keeps leaves and debris out of the pool. The water will be crystal clear when the pool is opened in the spring.